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Yoga is an ancient practice proposed to bring unity: bringing people together and connecting body, mind and heart. Kids are unique tiny human beings equipped with a great amount of energy and a very absorbent brain. That's why when I put together this yoga program for children I took into consideration their incredible flexibility, their brief attention spam, and the infinite possibilities of their imagination.


winter garden recreation center 10:15 AM


west oaks library 11 AM (1st Tue)

Preschoolers + early elementary kids


winter garden library

Clermont Arts and Rec Center 5 PM

special needs teens and young adults

also Tuesday

clermont arts and Rec Center 3:15 PM


Clermont Arts and Rec Center 4:15 PM


dynamite fitness



clermont arts and Rec Center 3:15 PM


Clermont Arts and Rec Center 4:15 PM

Elementary school kids


starting at $25 per child

private classes for families, friends, homeschool Co-ops, groups - classes held at your place or at my home studio in Oakland, FL



we go through the basic yoga poses to the limit of their understanding. At this point, we are more interested in allowing them to explore the boundaries of their bodies than to stay still in downward-dog. Kids will become familiar with the poses and their real names. The goal is to inspire yoga as a life long practice that can be done at any time.


with engaging weekly themes, we link the poses to the sensations the body is experiencing. The goal here is to stimulate self-awareness, connecting the body with the mind. For example, we may visit an imaginary forest as we flourish into Tree Pose.  We lift our arms above our heads as growing tree branches and talk about having strong roots that keep us safe, such as our family tree.


beyond the connection of body and mind, yoga fosters emotional bonds. It's nothing related to religion. Yoga is about the shared human experience and how we related to each other and to the higher good of all. In this context, our stories will often have embedded values such as friendship, sharing, kindness, caring for others, honoring our families, and living a mindful life.

I am a dedicated yoga teacher with a passion for bringing mindful tools to children. But enough about me,

move, breathe & meditate

with Miss Ana


When you have a yoga class with an insured and certified yoga teacher you know you are learning the traditional yoga poses in a safe environment.

it's seriously fun

When you have a yoga class with a certified cosmic kids yoga & Kidding Around Yoga teacher you are sure to get all the knowledge and a bag of fun!

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