h(om)eschool yoga classes

Homeschool Yoga was designed specifically to complement any homeschool education plan by creating an environment for children to learn vital skills that can be incorporated into all aspects of their life while incorporating Physical Education and Health Education into your plan.

Homeschool Yoga is a class designed to strengthen and stretch the entire body, balance the nervous system, improve body awareness, encourage the development of communication and social skills, increase each student’s ability to self-regulate, and provide a fun and engaging experience!

Our yoga classes for children incorporate breathing, music, yoga postures and stretching, and relaxation techniques, which benefit the whole child helping to promote learning readiness and well-being. 

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Kids with special needs are invited to participate to the extent of their capacity.

If accommodations need to be made we will gladly work together in a kind, loving and inclusive way.

Yoga is about bringing unity and kids yoga is a great opportunity to lead by example showing that we are all different and in our own unique way. Everybody is welcomed at all classes.